RIDGID K-60SP MANUAL Pdf Download (2024)

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Drain cleaning machine

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Table of Contents


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  • 3 Drive Belt Replacement
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Drain Cleaner


K-60SP Drain Cleaning


Français – 15

Castellano – pág. 31





Table ofContents

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Table of Contents

RIDGID K-60SP MANUAL Pdf Download (2)

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Summary of Contents for RIDGID K-60SP

  • Page 1 Drain Cleaner Manual K-60SP Drain Cleaning Machine • Français – 15 • Castellano – pág. 31 1.800.561.8187 information@itm.com www. .com...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    K-60SP Drain Cleaning Machine Table of Contents Recording Form for Machine Serial Number ......................1 Safety Symbols ................................2 General Power Tool Safety Warnings Work Area Safety ................................2 Electrical Safety................................2 Personal Safety ................................3 Tool Use and Care ..............................3 Service ..................................3 Specific Safety Information Drain Cleaner Safety ..............................4...
  • Page 3: Recording Form For Machine Serial Number

    Failure to understand and follow the contents of K-60SP Drain Cleaning Machine this manual may result in Record Serial Number below and retain product serial number which is located on nameplate. electrical shock, fire and/or serious personal injury.
  • Page 4: Safety Symbols

    The operator’s manual con- tains important information on the safe and proper operation of the equipment. This symbol means always wear RIDGID drain cleaning mitts while operating drain cleaner. This symbol means always wear safety glasses with...
  • Page 5: Personal Safety

    Read these precautions carefully before using the K-60SP Drain Cleaner to reduce the risk of elec- Power Tool Use and Care trical shock or other serious injury.
  • Page 6: Drain Cleaner Safety

    Using the wrong size drain cleaner can lead to twisting, kinking or breaking of the cable and may re- RIDGID Contact Information sult in personal injury. If you have any question concerning this RIDGID ® product: • Always use the rear guide hose while operating the tool and ensure the cable does not extend be- yond the rear guide hose.
  • Page 7: Description, Specifications And Standard Equipment

    (GFCI) is built into the line cord. A toggle switch provides FOR/OFF/REVERSE control of the motor. The K-60SP is designed to use sectional-type cable that has a quick change coupling system for disconnecting tools. The cable is manually fed in and out of the drain and rotates at a speed of 600 RPM.
  • Page 8: Machine Inspection

    The following procedures should be followed to set-up the ma- chine: Figure 3 – K-60SP Drain Cleaner 1. Check work area for: • Adequate lighting 3. Check bottom cover to insure it is properly fastened to the frame.
  • Page 9 K-60SP Drain Cleaning Machine NOTE! When not in use, the clutch handle should be in NOTE! Adjust the jaw set as required. The K-60SP has a jaw set adjustment which allows the ma- its locked (down) position in order to protect chine to accept "...
  • Page 10: Operating Instructions

    K-60SP Drain Cleaning Machine Operating Instructions cable into the sewer inlet. If going through a “P” trap, push cable into inlet as far as it will go. WARNING 3. Pull enough extra cable through machine to form al- most a half circle between machine and line opening.
  • Page 11: Special Procedures

    K-60SP Drain Cleaning Machine • After reaching the end of each cable section, turn Special Procedures the machine OFF. Reverse Operation • Secure the cable by looping it in the line (Figure 8). Running machine in reverse will cause premature failure This procedure is especially useful when cleaning of cable.
  • Page 12: Accessories

    Accessories Only the following RIDGID products have WARNING been designed to function with the K-60SP Drain Cleaning Machine. Other accessories suitable for use with other tools may become hazardous when used on the K-60SP. To prevent serious injury, use only the recommended ac- cessories.
  • Page 13: Maintenance Instructions

    Peri odi - 63050 T-214 4-Blade Cutter, 1 " 63055 T-215 4-Blade Cutter, 1 " cally lubricate cables and couplings with RIDGID Cable 63060 T-216 Chain Knocker, 2" Rust Inhibitor. 63280 T-218 Flue Brush, 3" 63070...
  • Page 14: Drive Belt Replacement

    K-60SP Drain Cleaning Machine 7. Rotate the adjustment knob clockwise until the jaw set touches the jaw set cover. This will in sure that the jaw set is properly aligned. 8. Attach jaw housing to machine with socket head cap screws.
  • Page 15: Machine Storage

    RIDGID service technician. 7. While holding the set screw in place with the " Tool should be taken to a RIDGID Independent Auth - hex key, tighten the jam nut (Figure 14). orized Service Center or returned to the factory. All repairs made by Ridge service facilities are warranted against de- fects in material and workmanship.
  • Page 16: Wiring Diagrams

    K-60SP Drain Cleaning Machine Wiring Diagram 115V/60 Hz Service Cord 1 Black 3 Blue White 7 Red Black Motor Green 4 White 2 Brown 230V/50 Hz Service Cord 1 Black 3 Blue Blue 7 Red Brown Motor Grn/Yel 4 White...
  • Page 17: Lifetime Warranty

    RIDGE TOOL COMPANY. ©2018, 2004 RIDGID, Inc. Printed 11/18 The Emerson logo and RIDGID logo are registered trademarks of Emerson Electric Co. or RIDGID, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries. 999-997-050.10 EC43911 All other trademarks belong to their respective holders.

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RIDGID K-60SP MANUAL Pdf Download (2024)


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