Rachel Lindsay Reveals She & Bryan Abasolo Hope to Get Pregnant Right After Wedding (2024)

'Bachelorette' stars Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo are not only juggling wedding plans, but family plans as well. Rachel told HollywoodLife her ideal timeline for having kids and how she plans to introduce them to the world.

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March 13, 2019 9:05PM EDT

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Attorney Rachel Lindsay, 33, and chiropractor Bryan Abasolo, 39, want to immediately become a family of three, right after they tie the knot in the Caribbean in Aug. 2019. “I’m like ready. I have the worst baby fever,” Rachel EXCLUSIVELY admitted to HollywoodLife, during an upcoming podcast episode that will air on March 15. The Bachelorette star, who was the leading lady of Season 13, has a soft spot for kids. “I see a child and I’m just like, ‘Give them to me.’ We’ll babysit. I don’t even know the kids,” she joked during our interview. Aside from her fondness for children, Rachel has another reason for wanting to put her and Bryan’s family plans into immediate action after the nuptials.

“I’m going to be 34 next month…Bryan’s 39 already,” the former reality show star explained to HollywoodLife. Given their ages, Rachel doesn’t see the point in waiting to conceive once she and her fiancé receive their Mr. and Mrs. titles. “If it happens the way we would like for it to, I’m going to want to start trying [for a baby] as soon as we get married,” the ABC star told us. But Rachel doesn’t want a bun in the oven too soon, as she added, “I think my parents would just die if [a pregnancy] happens before [the wedding],” explaining that they’re “very traditional.” But it hasn’t been easy for Rachel to wait out the countdown to motherhood!

“I’m so ready for kids, you guys,” the bride-to-be repeated. She then joked about why she can’t get pregnant in the five months until the wedding: “But then everyone would notice if I wasn’t drinking at the wedding. You can’t say, ‘Oh, I’m on a cleanse’ — On your wedding? No!” While Rachel and Bryan are ready to become parents, Rachel’s not as decided when it comes to her social media plans for the future child.

“The question is, am I going to have [my children] all over Instagram like other people do? I don’t know if I’m going to do that,” Rachel confessed to HollywoodLife. Like their parents, “Bachelor Nation” babies have already built their own social media empires. Take for instance Tanner Tolbert and Jade Roper’s 18-month-old daughter, Emerson “Emmy” Avery, who boasts over 140,000 followers on Instagram! While Rachel took no issue with these “baby” Instagram accounts nor mentioned specific names, the beauty wasn’t sure if she wanted to hop on the Instagram trend herself. “I think it’s hard,” Rachel explained. “It’s a tough line because I don’t want to exploit my children.”

Rachel did acknowledge her fan base, however, and assured that “Bachelor Nation” viewers will indeed see her and Bryan’s mini me(s) one day. “People are also so invested in your relationship and your wedding because you found it all in front of everyone,” Rachel said, as she and Bryan became engaged in the Season 13 finale of The Bachelorettein 2017. Acknowledging her romantic backstory, Rachel said, “So it’s a fine line, I have to do something. But I won’t go to the extreme that other people are going.” For now though, her fan base can follow Rachel’s other baby – an ESPN talk show! “I do a sports talk show and it’s called GTL, it’s 12 to 4 PM ET on ESPN radio, the app, and Sirius XM channel 80,” Rachel revealed. “I’m with two other guys on the show, we have so much fun doing, you should definitely tune in.”

A serious commitment to children requires a solid relationship, and Rachel explained why she and Bryan worked out so well. Before competing on The Bachelorette, Rachel said her beau had left a four-year relationship and was in the dating scene. “So he was ready. He was in a place where he was ready for something serious,” she continued telling HollywoodLife. “We were both in a place where we were ready to find another. So like, he always says timing is everything, and after going through this whole process, I totally get it. Plus we both had careers, we both had kind of gone through the whole thing in our 20s, we were just in that place in our lives. And plus, we just vibed very well, we connected from the beginning. I gave him my first rose.”

Rachel Lindsay Reveals She & Bryan Abasolo Hope to Get Pregnant Right After Wedding (2024)


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